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Wow my super stars you are working so hard, well done and keep up the hard work! You can email any pictures of your work to our nursery email page, or email any questions you may have, its lovely to keep in touch I am missing you all! Remember if you are logged onto the learning book send me pictures of what you are up to and I can add these into your learning book journal.

Week beginning: 18th May 2020

Early Years Daily Routine and Activities

Here is a more structured routine while your child is at home. Bear in mind that this is just suggested - the key to success is being flexible and finding a routine that works for you. REMEMBER, play is still the most valuable thing you can do with your child and your child will constantly be learning through play.


The week I would like you to go into ‘Simple City’ and find the recycling section – here you can watch a video about recycling and sort the objects and lots more.  Let me know which ones you enjoy!

This week’s 2Dos have been set – this week’s topic is ‘Recycling’.  Have a go at them and remember it is completely fine if the adult writes the sentences for you, it’s working together as a team.  There are lots of different activities to complete. 

I have also added some more phonics games where you have to try and find the initial sound – remember to how we did it with Fred frog! There are also some maths activities – explore them some you have to read the number and add the correct amount of animals



Can you watch this episode of numberblocks.

It carries on from last week’s episode looking at number 6 and adding them together.

Finding one more and one less – using 10 objects can you count out 6 obejcts – how many would you have if we added one more? How many would you have if we took one away? Can you write these numbers in your book? Try it with 7 objects, 4 objects, 3 objects etc

Keep practicing writing your numbers 0-10 in your home learning book.

Sorting by weight:- Can you find a few items around the house – they can be absolutely anything. Choose 2 items – hold one in each hand – which one do you think feels heavier? Which one feels lighter? If you have any scales at home have a go at weighing them to see if your right – the bigger the number on the scales the heavier the item – an adult can help you with this.  If you don’t have any scales don’t worry an adult could feel them to see if your right.  Try it with different objects.  Can you guess which one may be heavier before you try them? This is called estimating.



This week’s story is Michael Recycle, listen to the story.

Can you have a look at some of the rubbish you have at home – with an adult can you sort it into groups of the same material – for example plastic, paper, glass – be very careful!  On Purple Mash you can create your own poster about why we shouldn’t drop litter.  Talk with an adult about why you think we shouldn’t do it, you can make your own poster using pens and paper if you want to.




Letters – We have re-capped over all the letters in phase 2 so we are going to practice our rhyming words.

Here is a list of words




Can you think of 3 words which rhyme with each of these words? (This is very tricky at first so don’t worry if you struggle keep practicing!  They can be made up words too!

Also on Purple Mash there are phonics games to play – finding the initial (starting) sound.



In school we sometimes have a go at ‘Jump Start Jonny’ have a look at the link and choose a workout – they do change each week.  Can you have a go at the different ones and the challenges? I really like the chill out part!

Also don’t forget Joe Wicks at 9am, here’s the link 








Parables were stories that Jesus told with a meaning. Jesus was an amazing storyteller and these stories were linked to the everyday lives of his listeners.

This week’s parable is called ‘The parable of the lost sheep’ You can watch it here.


Have you ever been lost?

How did you feel?

How did your parents or carers feel when you were found?

Can you use your teddies to act out the story?



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