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Reception Home Learning Page

  Well done and thank you for all the hard work you are doing, keep it up! You can email any pictures of your work to our reception email page, or email any questions you may have, its lovely to keep in touch we are missing you all!           

Week Beginning: Monday 7th December 2020


Inside your reading diaries you have your Purple Mash log in card. Keep on exploring Purple Mash! When you log on, look at the right hand side of the screen and click on to the Christmas activities.Scroll down to the paint projects and the 2diy section,there are some fun jigsaws and pairs games that you can do with your family.

I am not setting any 2Do’s as I would like you to choose the activities that you like and challenge your self to try and complete the next level.   




This week’s story is Percy the Park Keeper –One Snowy Night. The story is in two parts as it is quite long. You might like to watch it with your family snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket. Watch the video and listen to the story. Can you and your grown- ups answer the questions below?



  • What was the first animal in the story?
  • What did Percy share with him?
  • What happened to the squirrel’s bed?
  • How was the fox making music?
  • What was the first animal to come to Percy’s door?
  • Who fell out of the bed?
  • What made all the animals find new places to sleep?



  • Can you draw Percy with his hat and scarf on, you could draw and colour some of the animals by his side.
  • Choose one of the animals from the story, ask your grown-ups to help you to find some facts about your animal. You could make a little fact map with a drawing of the animal in the middle and a few facts around the sides.
  • Design a new bedcover for Percy’s bed.
  • Draw a super hut for Percy and the animals to live in. Can you label your drawing.


Play guess the animal Can you describe an animal from the story for an adult to guess? Think about the colour of the animal, how many legs it has, is it big/little, what sound does it make?

Put on your old warm clothes!

If you can go outside into your garden and collect some, leaves, twigs and grass.

Can you make a little home for one of the animals?


Can you sound out the word R-O-B-I-N, what sounds can you hear?

Have a go at writing down the sounds that you can hear, have a go with the names of other animals.

If you have time please practice writing your name using cursive letters

Can you do both of your names?






You may like to try some of these number activities, click on the link.

In school we have been really enjoying ‘Jump Start Jonny’ have a look at the link and choose a workout. Can you have a go at the different ones and the challenges? We really like the chill out part!

Also don’t forget Joe Wicks there are lots of workouts, here’s the link 



This week’s bible story is ‘David and Goliath’ you can listen to the story here:

In this story David wins over the giant Goliath – he has to be very brave.  Can you think of a time when you have to be brave? I don’t like spiders so when I see one I have to be brave and try and move it outside safely. Talk with you adults about what you are brave about – it’s good to share with each other so we can help each other.


We hope that you enjoy activities,take care and keep safe. 

From the Reception Team