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 Year 1 Home learning page

Welcome back Mice to your home learning page! I hope that you are all happy, safe and well.

   Week Beginning: 18th May 2020

Please continue to log in to purple mash each day for lots of exciting activities. A massive well done to all the children who are completing these regularly!


This week’s story is called ‘Little Red’. After reading each chapter of the story, there are lots of activities and painting projects to have a go at. There are also Maths, Phonics and Topic activities for you to enjoy!




Wow and well done to the Year 1 Lexia Club members, some amazing achievements and 8 more certificates!!! Awesome!




This week in English we are starting a new book in our “Wonderful World” topic. The story is called “Little Polar Bear” by Hans de Beer, about a bear called Lars who goes on an unexpected adventure. You can listen to the story here.

Think about the homes of Lars and Sunny, from Meerkat Mail. In your home learning journal write about whether you would rather be a polar bear or a Meerkat and why.

Can you remember what our WILF symbols mean?




You have been chosen to train with the Karate Cats!

The elite team of Karate Cats have completed their training and are now competing to be maths champions!

Join them and earn the bronze, silver and gold cups in loads of maths topics in this new adventure.

These cats love to dress up, keep playing to find more costumes for the Karate Cats to wear.

Unlock challenge mode and impress Coach with a high score. Show off your new skills and become a maths-champion Karate Cat!

Have a go at these money maths challenges.


Art and Design

This week’s art and design challenge is to have a go at African weaving.


Kente Cloths, strips of fabric woven by hand in the colours that represent Africa.

Red – Life and Blood
Blue – Innocence
Green -Mother Africa, Mother Earth
Black – People and Unity
Gold – Strength and Fortune

Here is a simple PowerPoint to help you get started, followed by a video of how to make your design more complicated if you are feeling brave!


Last week we found out all about fish, this week we are learning about reptiles, watch the clip and try the activities. Can you select the animals that are reptiles? Fill in the gaps? And answer the five quiz questions? Good luck!









I hope you are keeping fit, healthy and happy! Here’s another new dance to try, can you make up your own dance to the drum beat? Remember to use stepping and jumping sequences with strong arm movements. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space and have fun!






We have thought a lot about prayer over the last few weeks, last week we thought about saying Thank you. Here is a lovely prayer asking God for his help. What might you ask God for help with?


Lars the “Little Polar Bear” lived at the North Pole. Do you know where that is? Here’s a PowerPoint to tell you lots more about the Arctic.

Thinking about the PowerPoint as well as our new story can you list 10 things you would be able to see if you went to the Arctic?

Would you see a penguin in the Arctic?

  Have fun!


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