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 Year 1 Home learning page

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed FunnyBones last week.  This week we are going to look at another book by Janet and Allan Alhberg called Cops and Robbers.

   Week Beginning: 6th July 2020

Remember to log onto Purple Mash every day.  There are reading, writing, maths and fun activities for you to complete.


I really recommend that you visit the BBC Bitesize website too for their daily lessons.  They are really interesting and fun and I think you will enjoy them.














This week we are looking at another book written by Janet and Allan Alhberg.  If you don’t have a copy of Cops and Robbers at home then you can hear it being read here.

  • What is the same between Funny Bones and Cops and Robbers?
  • What is different between the two books?
  • Which one do you prefer?
  • Why?
  • Write a short description about your favourite character.
  • Does the character remind you of somebody in your family or in another book or maybe on a television programme.



This week we are looking at flat 2D shapes and solid 3D shapes.  There are 4 short clips on BBC Bitesize about the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Then you can play this game to see if you can correctly identify the shapes when only a little bit is being revealed.


Once you know the names of the shapes go on a shape hunt around your house (and garden if you have one and it’s not raining!)  Look for shapes in nature and man-made shapes.  What shape are the bricks?  Are there any square leaves?  What shape is your cereal box?



Last week we looked inside our bodies at the bones.  Today we are going to look on the outside and see if we can name all the parts of our bodies.  This song might help you to remember some of them.


We cover our bodies with clothes.  Do you think that everybody around the World wears the same sort of clothes as we do?  Do you think that a hundred years ago they wore the same clothes?  What about two hundred years ago?

Watch this short film to learn about clothes and the different reasons for wearing them.

Important people sometimes wear different clothes to show that they are important. 

Can you research clothing and find out what cave men wore, what Tudors wore and what Victorians wore. 

Draw each one and then write 3 sentences saying what is the same and what is different to today’s clothes.



At school we have been starting each day with a workout for our fingers.  Our fingers have muscles in them just like our legs and arms.  If we want to have neat handwriting we need to make sure our finger muscles are strong.  Join the dough gym.  If you don’t have a piece of play dough then use a sponge.

The rest of your body will still need a work-out so you might like to try out Cosmic Yoga Disco. 


Just for Fun

Would you like to learn to count to 12 in Spanish?  Do you like Sergio Aguero?  Join him on BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons to learn some Spanish.


Just for your Parents RE/PSHE

We look a lot in RE and PSHE about being kind to other people.  It has been hard during lock down.  I think that at some time we have all been a bit grumpy.  Think about everything we have learned about being kind to others.  What could you do to be kind to your family?  Maybe you might help with the washing-up, tidy your bedroom, pick up your toys, say sorry, give someone in your family a cuddle and say sorry if you have done something wrong.  Write a list of everything you could do to show your Mum, Dad, Brothers or Sisters that you care about them.  Now, pick 5 of those things and go and do them!


Have fun!


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