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Year 1 Home learning page

W/C Monday 30th November

Welcome back Mice to your home learning page! I hope that you are all happy, safe and well.


Reading at home

If you have a Lexia log-in, make sure you keep building on your reading skills through the games and activities on the app. Make sure you complete the activities by yourself, I will be logging in too, to see how you are getting on. Well done to Avery for achieving her level 2 certificate on Monday and to Leonie for completing level 4 on Wednesday!


If you haven’t already, ask your grown up to register on the Oxford Owl website, there are lots of free e-books for you to enjoy!


Don’t forget to write down anything you read in your reading record ready to share when we are able to be back in class. Can you write your own comments? What did you think of the book? What did you like/dislike?


Log in to Purple Mash each day to read a chapter of the story “A Camper Van Christmas”, then complete the comprehension quiz and word challenges. It has been lovely to keep in touch with some of you through Purple Mash and find out which of the activities you have particularly enjoyed.

I have also loved to receive emails from your grown-ups, keeping me up to date with your learning!




















Join the Alphablocks to explore the different ways of making the long A sound, the digraphs '-ay-', '-ai-' and '-a-e-' and the words day, play, way, tail, trail, sail, game, cake, snake and name.



This week we are going to be looking at poetry, and since Tuesday is the first of December and the start of winter, we are going to be reading and writing all kinds of winter poems.


Monday – Writing a winter Haiku

A haiku is a short poem which came from Japan. They are always three lines long and usually written about nature. Winter is a perfect theme for a haiku.














Look at this poem:

The first line is made up from words with 5 syllables altogether.

Try clapping it out as you say the words and count the claps.

The second line has 7 syllables altogether.

The last line has 5 syllables again.

Jot down all the words you can think of about winter. Here’s a PowerPoint on the signs of winter to give you some ideas.

Arrange your words into three short ideas for a haiku. You will need to be careful that you don’t use too many words, and count the syllables as you go along. Then write your final haiku. Don’t forget to give it a title!



Tuesday – Writing a winter shape poem


Shape poems are lots of fun, do you remember the shape poems we wrote in autumn? Take a look at the PowerPoint to give you some ideas.



















Wednesday – Writing a winter clothing acrostic poem


This PowerPoint reminds us what an acrostic poem is. Choose your favourite item of winter clothing and write an acrostic poem all about it.

Thursday – Writing a winter senses poem

Do you remember what our five senses are? Point to the part of your body associated with each of our five senses


In a senses poem you write about the things you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. You can either start each line with, for example

I can see……fairy lights twinkling

I can hear……sleigh bells ringing

I can smell……turkey roasting

I can taste…..creamy hot chocolate

I can feel……snowflakes on my nose


Or you could write something like this;

Winter looks like frosty cobwebs sparkling in the sun,

Winter sounds like crackling fires and carols being sung

Winter smells spicy like mince pies and Christmas pud

Winter tastes like hot chocolate with marshmallows would be good,

Winter feels like woolly gloves, jumpers and hats too,

Winter to me is all of these, what is winter like to you?


Your poem needn’t rhyme but needs to include all five senses and some amazing adjectives!

Friday – Just for fun:

Last week the Karate cats invited you to train your Maths brain, this week they’re back to help with grammar, punctuation and spelling! Chop a capital letter, fly-kick a full stop or smash a sentence in this fun game. Head to the dojo to train with the very best Karate Cats and rank up to become an expert in these important English topics!

Play the games to get treats, then swap them for more cats for your dojo. The harder you train, the more cats will come to visit you. Can you get the black belt and become a Karate Cat?




In maths this week, we are continuing to learn about time. Follow the link for each day which will take you through the lesson. There is a video to watch, an independent activity to complete and then an exit quiz to have a go at. Grown-ups please note, at the end of each lesson there is no need to click on “subject” or “schedule” as the work for this week can be found by following the link each day.

Monday – Reading and writing the time to o'clock and half past


Tuesday – Reading and writing the time to o'clock and half past


Wednesday – Reading and writing the time to o'clock and half past in words


Thursday - Explore adding on hours and half hours


Friday – Using language of direction, position and movement




Join the Pug Star!

The Galaxy Pugs are on a mission to explore planet Earth and they need your Science skills to succeed.

Help the pugs observe Earth’s animals, learn how to grow plants, study the human body, experiment with materials, explore our planet’s habitats and find tiny invertebrates hiding in a pond!

Collect mission badges and unlock shiny new upgrades to customise your pug ship. The more missions you complete, the more you can customise your ship! There’s no time to lose, recruit. Help the pugs complete their missions and be home in time for walkies!


Art and design – Cup and Ball game

Have a go at designing your own cup and ball game, here’s a short video to give you some ideas.



Keep active this week by choosing one of these dance routines: Join in with Jamelia to The Ting Ting’s “That’s Not My Name” or if you prefer, let Amy and Henry from The Next Step guide you through the steps to this routine for Olly Murs’ “ Heart Skips a Beat”. 



In Re this half term we are exploring different festivals. Last week we found out about Diwali, this week we are looking at Advent. This is the Christian festival which started this year on Sunday 29th November, and counts down to the birth of Jesus.

Take a look at this PowerPoint all about Advent then watch the short video to see how to make a Christingle. 

Have a go at making a Christingle and send me your pictures! Remember to ask a grown up to help you with the candle. 



In history we have been learning about old and new toys.

Log in to Purple Mash to view the slideshow of old toys, think about the materials they are made from and how they move. How do your toys move?

Then have fun playing this toys pair game!

I can’t wait to see what you get up to this week!


Have fun!