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 Year 2 Home Learning Page 

Welcome back Year2!  Well done all of you for working so hard on your Purple Mash activities.  I hope you’re enjoying the activities on Purple Mash and on here.  I definitely enjoy hearing from you and seeing all the photos of you working at home.

Week Beginning: Monday 18th May 2020


This week on Purple Mash we are looking at Little Red Riding Hood.  Here are some more Little Red stories but they aren’t the Traditional Story we know all and love!  I’d like you to read or watch as many of these as possible and then write your own different story. 


You might change the characters - it might be a boy called Little Blue Basketball cap or it might be a bear instead of a wolf.  Maybe it’s not Grandma, let your imaginations run wild.  Remember to use your punctuation, full stops, commas in list sentences, exclamation sentences and questions.  Also, wow me with fabulous adjectives and adverbs.


If you don’t have the book, Honestly, Red Riding Hood was Rotten! You can listen to the story

Also, Fixed Fairy Tales have produced a funny story with a twist at the end!


If you don’t have a copy of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes then you can listen here.  



I couldn’t find any Little Red Riding Hood maths for you but her friends the 3 Bears said they would help out!  See if you can work out these number problems for them.




The story of Little Red Riding Hood is very, very old.  My Mummy told me the story when I was a little girl so it must be old!  Can you research and find out exactly how old the story is and where it came from?



Learn how to draw Little Red with this step-by-step lesson.



Can you remember when we learned about maps in school?  You need to have symbols and a key just like this map of a park.  Could you draw your own map and key showing Little Red’s house, the woods, the path, the patch of flowers, where the woodcutter lives, where the wolf lives and Grandma’s house?



BBC Radio has 7 songs to learn about Little Red Riding Hood.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all learned these and then sang them when we get back together!




On Purple Mash there is a video clip activity where you have to send a text with some advice about being honest.  Do you remember this song and dance about right and wrong on Supermovers?  Join in to get healthy and it might give you some ideas about what to say in your text too.


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