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Year 4 Home Learning page

It’s the last week of the half-term! Hasn’t that flown by? It must be all the fun we’re having.  

It’s another 5-day week and I’ve set you lots of work again. I know it doesn’t seem like it but now is the time that we’d be thinking about getting you ready for Year 5 and picking up the pace of learning. You might not feel like it sometimes but the more work you can keep on doing now, the less of a shock it’ll be when we get back into school. Honestly!

Week Beginning: 18th May 2020


I had some wonderful work sent to me on Purple Mash last week with excellent character descriptions of Mr Jones, fabulous accuracy percentages on the Maths games and tremendous comparisons of old and modern transport.


Thank you for giving your best efforts. As I’ve already mentioned, think about the expectations we have in our classroom and try to apply them to your home learning. Keep on being awesome!


Maths and English

I have attached more links to documents from Teacher’s Pet for you to work on; there are four Maths activities and another single longer writing activity this week. I’ve given you a new story prompt and I’m hoping to see some fabulous underwater stories as a result! There’s another planning grid to help organise your ideas.

Maths 1                 Maths 2                  Maths 3                   Maths 4

Story Challenge                     Story Planning Grid

If you can’t print the work off, then just copy it into your home learning book and answer the questions in there too. There are four maths activities on Purple Mash, but these new activities are an alternative if you’re not always able to get online or if you fancy something different to Purple Mash. You don’t have to do both but if you want to, then go for it!

Finally, there is the end to The Elephant Teacup story this week. I’ll not begin a new story until we are back online after the half-term holiday.



This week’s activity incorporates your daily exercise. I’d like you to go on a Sound walk and record all the different types of sounds you can hear while you’re out. If you’re not able to go out, then sit quietly somewhere in your home and listen to what you can hear. Think about why some sounds will be louder than others. Record the sounds you hear in your home learning book in a creative but scientific way.



Zumba Kids on YouTube is another favourite with loads of dances aimed at getting you moving. Have a look and see which dance is your favourite (personally I like the Minions one most of all).



To finish off our work on parables, I’d like you to try writing a modern-day parable of your own. I’ve given you three ideas to get you started, but you may have another you’d prefer to use.

* Being careful with pocket money, and not letting someone trick you into wasting it.

* Being generous. That could mean being generous with giving time and attention to someone else.

* Being thankful, not greedy or grasping.


Tips for writing a parable

1) Use realistic settings (e.g. shops, school, a club or a home), situations and characters.

2) The first sentence should explain the situation (what's happening, where are we?).

3) Include someone facing at least one interesting dilemma (a difficult choice).

4) Show what the different characters are feeling by describing what they do.

5) Do not have a moral at the end - but your title might contain a clue about the message!

Just for Fun

It’s another Blue Peter emoji quiz! Yes, I am a little bit obssessed with these. This week’s theme is “countries" and once you’ve solved the countries on here, the challenge as always is to make up some of your own to test your family on. Have fun and good luck; I think this week is rock-hard!


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